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Here are some resources you can look up for additional information. It is organized by topic and will be updated regularly.



John Gottman  Why Marriages Suceed or Fail
  Gottman has done research on behaviors that indicate predictibly whether a relationship will last for the long run.  This book includes information on key dynamics of a relationship and ways that speaking or behaving towards one another can have long term damage on a relationship.

Janis Abrams Spring 
    After the Affair
    How Can I Forgive You? 
  Two excellent resources to deal with marital infidelity.  After the Affair should be read by both parties as it explains common feelings of each.

Neil Kalter  Growing up with Divorce

Tammy Daughtry   Co-Parenting Works
 While this book has a bit of a religious bent, it offers solid, practical suggestions on ways to make post divorce co-parenting decisions in the best interest of the children.


Anthony Wolf   Get out of my life but first can you drive me and Cheryl to the mall?
  Normalizes teen behavior and helps parents take the treatment less personally

Linda Perlstein  Not much, Just chillin- The Hidden Lives of Middle Schoolers

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

David Burns  Feeling Good 
 Classic CBT Resource

William Kraus  Cognitive Behavioral Woorkbook for Depression

Jill Bolte Taylor  My Stroke of Insight
 First half is her experience and informative left brain vs. right brain information. The last portion is how she uses CBT to reinvent her thought process post stroke.

Play Therapy

American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy