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What to expect
from a typical appointment
The first session:
Why now?
Current Family Situation
Family History

The goal of the first session is to get to know you and understand the situation that brings you in for treatment. As a client it is important to remember that regardless of what "theory" is used, the research has shown that the most important factor in the effectiveness of therapy is the relationship. Just as I am getting to know you and your situation, it is important for you to be aware of how you feel in my presence.  Therapy will only be effective if you feel safe.

That said, here is what to expect in a first session. I will ask about the current problem and what brought you in now vs. waiting.  I will ask detailed questions. While you don't have to answer them all, it is helpful if you do. I will ask you about your current family situation including children and other significant relationships. Finally I will ask you to describe in detail the family you grew up in. This is important because our family of origin determines the lens through which we view the world and understanding this a key part of the therapeutic process. Sometimes we are unaware of how much our childhood experiences and influences impact our life.

If this is a play therapy session, I will meet first with the parents to establish a history of the problem and the child's experiences.  I will then schedule 3 to 5 sessions to play with the child, then reconvene with the parent to discuss observations I have seen in the play

Payment information
 I am in network for Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance
 If you are an Anthem client, I will file your insurance for you and you are subject to the co-pays
 and/or deductibles in accordance to your personal plan.

If you are not an Anthem client, you will need to pay out of pocket and you may file the session from an out of network provider. Many insurance companies do reimburse at a variety of levels.

My non-insurance fees are: $150 for an intial evaluation
                                            $120 per subsequent one hour session  

I accept credit cards including HSA and FSA accounts.

Laurie B. Freeman
Marriage & Family Therapist